Today’s business environment is tough. Outspending your competitors is not always the right thing to do.  We focus on outsmarting the competitors.  Doing things better, coming up with disruptive solutions while also making sure our client’s brand foundations remain strong.

Our passion is digitising your brand strategy.  As social media and digital innovators, we think everything should be measurable and convert into results. That’s why we are big on data and co-creating our clients’ digital plans to outperform the competition.

What we offer

Learning the fundamentals of marketing

Making people better at what they do is a goal we continue to invest in.  We believe that understanding the basics and sweating the small stuff, will often build into bigger and better strategies.  That’s why we don’t do capability training on brand strategy and creative ideation. We focus on the basics. Understanding a P&L and what this means for your brand, pulling raw data, reviewing market research, assessing competitors and trends to develop brand plans.  It’s all about understanding the fundamentals to enable marketers to build brand strategies based on facts and insights.

Short 4 Hour Courses R8,500 per Group (excl. VAT)

  • Marketing 101
  • Social Media 101
  • Shopper Marketing 101
  • Delivering a great agency brief
  • Unpacking Category Drivers and how these link to your CI and Brand Plan
  • Understand your P&L and how this impacts brand and activities
  • Developing an insights-based Marketing Plan

Marketing Fundamentals R75,000 (excl. VAT)

A practical course over 12 weeks (4 hours every 2 weeks limited to a maximum of 8 people)

  • Understanding your P&L
  • Gaining insights from raw data (Retail or Shopper Data)
  • Reviewing research and trends to triangulate data and insights
  • Identifying category drivers, brand drivers or innovation opportunities
  • Scope size of opportunity (market volume, market value, market share)
  • Summarising insights and strategy to communicate a compelling story to the leadership team

Leaders in industry

As the social media agency for the Premier FMCG candy portfolio, Affinity Consulting Africa is excited that Manhattan Sweets was rated the most engaging candy brand in South Africa by Socialbakers.

Free marketing templates to get you started

TTL Media Briefing Template (Click Here To Download)

Waterfall Chart Template (Click Here To Download)

BCG Bubble Graph Template (Click Here To Download)

Portfolio Revenue Bubble Graph Template (Click Here To Download)