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February 26, 2020
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February 26, 2020

Can Digital Provide a ROI?

Do you question whether digital provides an ROI? With the media landscape including digital, many organisations are interrogating whether social media can deliver revenue upside. While traditional advertising like TV, radio, outdoor and print are generally understood to be drivers of awareness, brand equity and conversion to loyalty, the role of social media in driving tangible outputs is less clear. We often hear stats like “3 out of 4 customers will look at Facebook before buying” and “3 out of 4 customers will only buy from you if you have up-to-date relevant content”. Yet, translating this into measurable revenue is frequently seen as a challenge.

The good news is that virtually everything in digital is measurable – not only from a reach, frequency and an engagement point of view. You can also track sentiment and sales leads. By including a call to action button like “shop now” on Facebook or hyperlinks embedded within YouTube videos, you can measure every time someone clicks. It’s called Lead Generation. And with the quantum growth of online channels, the conversion to purchase on platforms like Takealot, Pick n Pay Online, Superbalist or OneDayOnly, provides real growth potential. And if you’re smart, you’ll track the type of social media content that translates into the highest clicks, and use this insight, to develop campaigns, or even big ideas. The possibilities are endless. #DigitalROI #LeadGeneration #DigitalNation #Media