Your corporate image goes beyond your logo, the uniforms your sales team wear and the signage outside your business.  In today’s world, the way you communicate on social media platforms like LinkedIn can help drive employee retention, attract new employees, positively impact investor relations and set the tone for leadership within your industry.

At Affinity Consulting Africa, we aim to make your culture and organisational initiatives come alive through digital.

Your website is the new business card

The first thing most people do when you talk about your business, is look you up online. Your website provides you with both credibility and a platform to communicate what you sell.

We can help you with our accessible, yet professional package of R16,500 for a three-page website (without e-commerce). This includes everything from creative* to copy creation and end to end management.

*Excludes photo shoots, video creation, infographics and graphic artwork. Includes stock photography and overlays.

We understand that not all employees engage on LinkedIn which is why we have also developed corporate Facebook and Instagram platforms to attract and advertise to junior talent and graduates.

And of course, we ensure an integrated digital corporate presence by unifying your message across multiple platforms like website blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

LinkedIn Training and Social Media Etiquette R8,500 per Group (excl. VAT)

What your employees say on LinkedIn, WhatsApp and other social media platforms can be an opportunity or risk for you.  That’s why we have developed a 3-hour training course on how to write your profile, how to prospect possible clients as well as how to maximise LinkedIn to amplify your organisational image in a positive way.  A key part of this is training on social media etiquette and understanding privacy settings across all social media platforms.

Social Media Listening for Risk Management R8,500 (excl. VAT)*

We offer responsive reputational management by monitoring what people say about your company on social media and on news platforms so you can manage your reputational risk.

This includes automated emails when there is an “out of norm” volume of mentions about your organisation, as well as a WhatsApp and email protocol for content that could impact the organisation’s image. We do this 7 days a week, with a minimum of two manual checks a day.  This means that if there’s a crisis on Saturday night or over a holiday, you will know about it.

*Limited to 200 mentions per month

Consumer Complaints and Suggestions Tracking R12,500 (Excl. VAT)*

By integrating Social Media inbox messaging with a listening tool, we can track consumer complaints and compliments in real-time to increase responsiveness and manage risk.

Our service includes twice daily reviews and analysis of the category portfolio’s complaints and suggestions. A daily report will include any repeat consumer complaints that have not been dealt with and have the potential of escalating.  In collaboration with our client, we also develop a protocol for high risk complaints to ensure increased responsiveness.

At the end of the month, we will provide you with a monthly trended report that identifies the key types of complaints and suggestions, unpack innovation ideas and feedback on customer experience.

*Limited to 500 mentions per month