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February 26, 2020
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February 26, 2020

Ecommerce Is Here To Stay

According to eshopworld, there are currently 19,43 million e-commerce users in South Africa with this set to grow to 24,79 million by 2021. That’s 25% growth with almost 45% of the South African population shopping online by 2021.

While ecommerce is still in its infancy, the consumer behaviour has been established within the media, electronics and fashion space and is set to grow and expand. The need for convenience and a wider range as well as entrenched online consumer behaviour means that this shopping channel is set to stay – and grow exponentially. In this environment, developing an ecommerce strategy for your brand is a ‘must”. This can range from a full e-commerce platform to the simpler solution of including a call to action button like “shop now” on Facebook with url links to key online retail partners. Inherent in this is tracking clicks and analysing which posts drive purchase behaviour so that you can measure ROI and develop insight-based campaigns that are likely to drive purchase.

Ecommerce is here to stay. What are you doing to evolve your e-commerce strategy? Contact Affinity Consulting today to help you merge your brand and e-commerce strategy. #DigitalROI #LeadGeneration #DigitalNation #Media #Ecommerce