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February 26, 2020
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February 26, 2020

Merging Your Offline and Online Corporate Identity

Does your corporate image keep you awake at night? Do you wonder how to improve your organisational reputation, and how the perceptions in the digital space impact investor confidence, talent attraction and employee engagement?

Times have changed with blogs, news and social media shaping the public perception of your organisation. In a short period of time, organisations have had to add digital corporate identity management to the many tasks that they juggle.  This is a less comfortable and less rigid area, which is harder to control, yet offers infinite possibilities.

In the transition from the offline to the online world, companies are starting to consider how to amplify corporate reputation and the perceptions of the public through social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Forward thinking companies actively profile their company culture, CSI initiatives, thought leadership industry moves as well as the leadership team to create a public persona that attracts tops talent and increases investor, employee and public confidence.

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