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February 26, 2020
Merging Your Offline and Online Corporate Identity
February 26, 2020

The Benefits Of Engaging Your Employees Digitally

Have you thought about how to engage your employees digitally?  Times have changed from an offline to online world, where employees expect to co-create culture, innovation, and strategy. It is in this environment, that organisations need to consider how to engage more actively with employees while actively managing potential risk.

According to McKinsey Global Institute, “employees with higher engagement levels are 20-25% more productive.” At the same time, approximately 74% of employees feel like they’re missing out on company news and valuable information.  The challenge is to drive engagement in a relevant way.

Digital communication is no longer an option in the business world – it’s mandatory. It can be used as a valuable channel for communicating leadership and business messages, CSI initiatives, employee programmes and so much more! It enables two-way communication between employees and the leadership team, that strengthens ideation, creativity, and productivity.  Internal chat rooms, apps that enable areas for feedback, ideas, and problem-solving are the way of the future.

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