Define Your Digital CI For A Competitive Advantage
February 26, 2020

Your Digital Footprint Can Impact Your Career

Every post, “thumbs up” or click you make online leaves a trail. A digital footprint that can affect your future. Many people make the mistake of thinking that what they say on Facebook, “Like” on Instagram or Google online is part of their personal life and has no impact on their future. In today’s digital economy, that is no longer true.

Everything you say or do leaves digital breadcrumbs that impacts your career and your personal relationships. How people perceive you is often determined by how they see you interacting on social media – this can be either positive or negative. Your digital profile, like your career, needs to be carefully managed so that your mould it into the persona that benefits you.

The risk is real. Many companies will look at your digital footprint and make decisions about your credibility and ability to make good decisions based on what you have posted, liked or commented on. And let’s face facts. Before you join an organisation, you check out their digital profile to see if you “match”.

What’s the solution? It’s not to go offline, as some people may think. Rather, understand and harness the power of social media and use it as a tool to shape your career! #digitalfootprint #digitaleconomy #onlineprofile #career #socialmedia #careerpath